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Papers, projects and tests…OHH MY!

November 22nd, 2010 nmmari12

Hola world! These past few weeks I have been nonstop working on papers, exams and projects. I have officially taken two Spanish tests, which were quite hard. Not only because they are in a different language, but because the professors seem to take the most random piece of information and put it on the test. If you are reading this and considering coming to A Coruña next year, study hard for the tests! Currently, I still have one paper left for my Sociology of the Family class that discusses the change and percentages of families in poverty in relation to the size and type of family. I am collecting data for the paper from Spain and other EU countries. It is quite interesting. Additionally, I have to write a 20 page paper with Kristen, another HC student, discussing psychological tests and research about the roots and prevention methods of discrimination and prejudice. And after that, I have two more tests and a few more papers for my other classes! Whew!

 However, in exactly one month from now I will be done with all this work, and on a plane headed back to the states for Christmas! It seems so weird that I have been here for almost a semester. Time really has flown! While I do miss Holy Cross, I must say that I am glad that HC makes us study abroad for an entire year. In fact, I was talking with one of my Erasmus friends today (look at Dato Divertido) and she was explaining how sad she was to be leaving Coruña after this semester. She told me that she is just getting used to the Spanish culture and language and now she has to leave and go back to her school in Austria. After our little discussion I must say that I was glad that HC encourages students to study abroad for a year. I feel that it really does take about a semester to get comfortable in a different location and a new culture, and then of course you need a semester to enjoy it!

Not really sure what the theme of this post was, but just wanted to share my current happenings and thoughts in Spain! I promise the next post will be more interesting…I am going to embark on my first cooking experience in Spain, which I am very excited for as I loooove to bake! Pablo, our housing director, hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for us, and we each bring a side dish. I am going to bake sugar cookies in the shape of turkeys (a family tradition) and the famous Trader Joe´s corn bread! Yum! So hopefully I will not be writing the next post from a new host family…after burning down my current family´s apartment…

Happy early Thanksgiving to you! Whether you are stateside or abroad, may this Thursday be filled with family, friends, American football, turkey and pumpkin pie!!

Dato Divertido: Erasmus is a program that is extremely popular throughout Europe, in which students from any E.U. country can study abroad for a semester or a year, in another E.U. country for a relatively inexpensive price. It is a great way to unite the E.U. as the Erasmus students meet and befriend people from all over Europe. I have Erasmus students in my class from: Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Hungry, France and many other countries!

¡Hasta luego!

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  1. Katherine J says:

    I think that studying abroad for a year is definitely the way to do it. I only did a semester (though it was at least Spring Semester, so I got a good 4.5 months out of it), and I was really upset when I had to leave because I felt like I was just getting the hang of things!

    And Erasmus students are EVERYWHERE in France, too. It sounds like a pretty sweet program.

    Good luck with all the work and have a happy european thanksgiving!

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