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La Vida Buena

April 5th, 2011 nmmari12

This past weekend was quite a blast!  On Saturday night, James, Kristen and I ventured to Pato Mareado. This is a bar in A Coruña that we named the ¨Holy Cross Bar¨ as all of the HC Corunesas go here, and there is even a Boston Red Sox hat to prove it! There we watched the Butler vs. VCU basketball game, just to soak up a little ¨American¨ culture. After the game, we strolled down to the oceanfront, bought some kebabs and ate them on the beach. Good life, eh?

On Sunday, Kelsey´s host mom was able to get free tickets to the Coruña Depor soccer game. Elena, James, Kristen, Kelsey and I cheered on Coruña´s soccer team to a victory. They played (and beat) Palma (yes another HC program), which just proves that Coruña is a better city! OK totally kidding, Palma is great too, and the three HC kids there absolutely love it! But Coruña is still better…We all had such fun cheering on the team and I actually felt that we were residents of this city…as after living for a year in one place, it really becomes a part of you!

On Wednesday, Kelsey and I are giving a presentation in our art class. Yes, in Spanish…yikes! In fact, we have to do this every single week on a different artistic work…so I am hoping that my speaking (and presentation) skills improve. Our first presentation is on Dolmen de Dombate. At first this structure appears to be a few slabs of rocks placed together, but it is extremely old (were talking B.C) and was one of the most sacred places during the time it was used. Google it if you get a chance, there are also some videos on YouTube! So wish me all luck with this presentation!

Also, on this coming Saturday Amanda (the one blogging in Ireland) and Amanda (the one blogging in England) are traveling to Coruña! I am so excited to see them and show them all my favorite places in Coruña. Amanda England (new last name), Kelsey and I then jet off to Greece for Semaña Santa. I will try to do a blog entry before this trip, but since I will be playing host to Amanda and Amanda, I may not have time!

Dato Divertido: I can´t believe that I didn´t comment on this cultural difference before as it is SO obvious and apparent the second you land on the Iberian Peninsula. When greeting people here (a friend, family member or acquaintance) you give each other two kisses on the cheeks. Not wet smooches, but more like little pecks. This was quite strange for me when first arriving in Spain, but now I am fearful that when going back to HC and seeing friends that I haven´t seen in a year, I am going to unconsciously give them 2 kisses….wouldn’t that be a laugh?!?

¡Hasta Luego!

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