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A Reunion!

April 25th, 2011 nmmari12

So for the last 2 weeks I have been nonstop moving around A Coruña and Europe…here is how it all started. On April 9th, the Amandas came to visit Kelsey and me in A Coruña. We have been looking forward to this reunion in Coruña ever since we were accepted to study abroad, and after Amanda G was unable to make it to Ireland in December due to snow, it was quite exciting when we were finally together. We toured around the city for hours on end which of course included the beaches, Torre de Hercules and Monte de San Pedro. Then we ate at all of our favorite restaurants including Caffe Vecchio, the Candy Store, our favorite Italian restaurant and of course PULPO…aka Octopus! I was very proud that both were quite adventurous and tried the pulpo and loved it, or at least pretended to enjoy the Galician delicacy. The days were filled with telling many good stories about our adventures abroad, while reminiscing about past years at Holy Cross and expressing complete excitement to be fully reunited with our other friends next year. The Amanda studying in England stayed with me while Amanda in Ireland stayed with Kelsey. Neither spoke much Spanish (although I will give them credit for speaking a little and greatly improving throughout their stay) so it was quite fun and hilarious translating between Amanda and the host family. While I have absolutely loved my experience abroad this year and wouldn´t regret it for a moment; the friends that I have made at Holy Cross are family, and I have missed them terribly this year abroad. Therefore it truly meant the world to me when two of them came to visit me in A Coruña. So thank you Amanda G and Amanda M!!!

Dato Divertido: This past week was Semana Santa or in English, Holy Week. Basically all of Spain shuts down, and everyone is off school. Since Spain is a predominately Catholic country, there are several processions and parades throughout the country (especially in southern Spain) that have deep religious significance. I was in Greece for Semana Santa (check out the next blog) so I was unable to see any of these traditional and world famous processions, but I hope to see one when I come back to Spain, as I will of course have to visit!!

City Hall

Looking out from Monte de San Pedro

The bloggers!

A classic and much needed picture in Coruña!


The Amandas!

On the Boardwalk!

The group!

¡Hasta Luego!

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  1. Kelsey says:

    I love these pictures – why am I just seeing these now!!??

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