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Spain and its ¨Fútbol¨

May 10th, 2011 nmmari12

Imagine this. I am sitting in my room in Coruña about to eat dinner at 9:30 pm. My host mom (70 years old) is making my dinner and listening to a very important fútbol (soccer) game. All of the sudden I hear a holler of pure joy from the kitchen and loud cheers from the café across the street.  I run to the kitchen to see what is up, ¨Deportivo scored!¨ my host mom replies…of course in Spainish. We later sit down to dinner, along with my 90 year old host aunt and listen intently to the broadcasted game. The reporter speaks about a mile a minute, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute… and then a long awaited announcement, ¨DEPOR WINS!¨   We then erupt into cheers along with the rest of Coruña. Now as I am sitting here typing this about 30 minutes later, there are still cars racing past my street with people shouting ¨Depor, Depor, Depor!¨ and honking their horns encouraging people to cheer loud and proud! Classic soccerfanatic night in Spain? Yes.

So why was this such an important game? Well even though the two games that I have attended this year resulted in a tie and a win (I must be a good luck charm!) the rest of depor´s record does not follow this pattern, and unfortunately mostly consists of losses. Unfortunately, they are being threatened to fall to the ¨second league¨ from the ¨first league¨ in which they compete in now with Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia (basically all the big/world famous teams). However, since they won this game and if they win two more coming up, they have a chance to remain in the first league! So let´s all pray and hope that Coruña wins again and again! GO DEPORTIVO!!!

¡Hasta luego!

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