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I still have all 206 bones!

February 14th, 2011 nmmari12

This past weekend Kelsey and I hit the ski slopes in Spain! It was quite a haul to arrive at the ski resort, but when the day was over, it was totally worth it. We left Coruña Friday morning with James and Kristen on a bus headed towards León. Once we arrived in León, we were greeted by Emily and Andy (Crusaders who are studying there) and had a picnic of chorizo and potato chips in a park. It was interesting and enjoyable to hear Emily and Andy´s stories about their experience and fun adventures in León thus far, and how it compared to A Coruña. After lunch, Kelsey and I returned to the bus station to catch a bus to Oviedo while Kristen and James stayed in León for the weekend.

Once we arrived in Oviedo, Kelsey and I walked around for a few hours. It was a surprisingly nice city, with pretty plazas, outdoor cafés artsy statues, few high rise buildings and lots of gorgeous churches. For dinner we went to our favorite Pizza Móvil (equivalent to Dominoes) and devoured the hot and tasty cheese pizza. Yum!

The next morning, Kelsey and I woke up at the usually unpleasant hour of 6 AM, but quickly jumped out of bed as we knew what lay ahead. We returned to the bus station and boarded a bus filled with loyal skiers and snowboarders. One hour later, of winding through mountain passageways and snow covered peaks; we arrived at the San Isidro Ski and Snowboard Resort. Honestly, I was a bit nervous as I had been skiing about 4 or 5 times before this trip, and most of those ski trips were to Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. For those who don´t know the geography of the Midwest…it is as flat as sheet of paper. On the other hand, Kelsey (New Hampshire native and ski fanatic) had been skiing hundreds of times before and started when she was two years old. Nonetheless, we had an excellent time. The views were absolutely breathless from the top of the mountain, the snow covered peaks stretched for miles and miles, and the sky was as blue as the ocean. So even though I am currently walking around Coruña and the university with a limp from muscle pain, it was a really great and memorable weekend! Now, after traveling for three weekends in a row, I am pumped to have two weekends in Coruña and then to celebrate Carnival weekend in Barcelona!

Dato Divertido: In Spain, or at least at this ski resort, there were no markings of the level of difficulty of the ski slopes. (Aren’t you content Mom and Dad?) Therefore, I just hoped as I started skiing down a random slope, that I wouldn´t come across a huge, steep slope or thousands of moguls. Thankfully, I only needed Kelsey to rescue me once on our skiing adventure! So for those who consider skiing in Spain, don´t worry about finding the level of each slope, just close your eyes (metaphorically) and ski!

Just a gorgeous view…

I love snow….and mountains!

It was a little warm…but enough snow to ski!

And the mountains continue for miles and miles!

basically an olympic skier…

One of the few times I didn´t fall into the snow…

It doesn´t look to steep…but for a Midwest native….that was Mt. Everst!

The gorgeous León cathedral…the stained glass windows were so PRETTY…we couldn´t take pictures outside…so I guess you will have to go see them for yourself!

¡Hasta Luego!

2 Responses to “I still have all 206 bones!”

  1. Kelsey says:

    This blog was soo hilarious!! I enjoyed every sentence!!! Great, great writing!!! And awesome pics!!!

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