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When a tie…is a win!

February 28th, 2011 nmmari12

On Saturday night, the streets of Coruña turned blue and white and masses of people started heading towards Estadio Riazor to watch what was thought to be a blood bath of Madrid creaming La Coruña. Arianna, our culture coordinator (and HC grad of ´09) got us tickets so that we could enjoy one of Spain´s religions…Football! Leading up to the game we were all joking as to how badly Coruña was going to loose, 4-0? 7-0? Honestly before the game, I would be impressed if Coruña could hold Madrid to 2 goals. However once we entered into the stadium, we realized what passion and heart the Coruña fans have. We were sitting right above the cheering section, which consisted of bullhorns, banners, drums, and very loud chanting. Basically, the entire stadium was rooting for La Coruña! All of the sudden, we realized that it was midway through the second half and the score was still 0-0. We all thought to ourselves, could La Coruña hold Madrid to a tie? I started to act like the other fans in the last few seconds, screaming, clapping my hands with the songs, and completely freaking out every time either team had an attempt at goal. The stadium erupted in cheers when the ref. finally blew his whistle signalling the end of the game. La Coruña, population of 300,000 had just tied with Madrid population of 3,000,000 and one of the best teams in the world. Although it sounds a bit cheesy, after the game I was reminded that if you put enough heart, devotion and strength into something you can achieve almost anything! GO DEPORTIVO!

Another exciting event this weekend was that my friend from high school, Avery came to visit me! Avery is studying abroad in Lyon, France for the semester and decided to spend part of her weeklong break in La Coruña and of course I was absolutely overjoyed! She arrived in the Coruña bus station at 7 pm on Friday and I quickly whisked her to the hostal. We then met up with the other HC kids and took her to our favorite tapas restaurants and had a relaxing night in Coruña. The next morning I showed off my favorite places in Coruña, which of course included the Torre de Hercules, Mont. San Pedro, Calle Real shopping and a dozen of bakeries, restaurants and ice cream shops. On Sunday we hopped a train to Santiago de Compostela to see the gorgeous Cathedral.  We walked around the old city, took a tacky but informative tourist train and attended a mass at the cathedral.  After a wonderful weekend, Avery left this evening and is heading to Alicante, Spain to visit a friend from college. However, I wouldn´t let her leave until she tried the famous Pulpo Gallego…Octopus, which I think she fully enjoyed! While I have been having an amazing time here in La Coruña it was so nice to see Avery, as we could reminisce about our experiences and friends from high school, but also compare and contrast our fulfilling and amazing abroad experiences. In the end, we couldn´t get over how old we felt, meeting up in a foreign country? While studying there? What? I thought we were just planning prom, like yesterday. Scary how time flies! So if you are reading this, thank you Avery for an awesome weekend!

Dato Divertido: If I haven´t mentioned it before, basically football (soccer) is the main religion in Spain. I am reminded by this mainly every day. In every bar and restaurant if there is a television, there is a 99% chance that it will be showing a football game.  Also, at least once a night in almost every club and bar the DJ will play ¨Waka-Waka¨ and ¨Wave your flag¨ two famous songs from the world cup (Spain was the champ!) When these songs blast through the speakers the whole club gets very excited and does the same routine dance and starts singing the words. It´s pretty great.

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