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Excitement for next year!

May 29th, 2011 nmmari12

I have officially completed two of my classes (out of 4) and have 3 more exams standing between me and summer vacation….and being able to use the phrase, ¨I´m a senior at Holy Cross.¨ Scary? No. Terrifying? Yes! If you have been keeping up with my entries, you know that I have absolutely loved this year and have had amazing experiences that I will never forget. However, that doesn´t mean that I am not wicked (Massachusetts lingo) excited to return to Holy Cross, dive into interesting classes, rejoin a few clubs and make new memories with friends.  Before going abroad I was considering staying at HC during junior year as I was afraid I would lose contact with the school and not have the same opportunities as those who stayed. But the prospect of learning a new culture, language, traveling all over Europe and taking advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity won over in the end, and I do not regret it for a second. However, despite my fears, I was still able to keep in contact with friends from HC, obtain leadership positions in clubs and get a summer internship. Securing a summer internship was more challenging for those abroad in comparison with those who stayed on campus as our academic year usually ends a few weeks after HC´s, but it is possible! So basically don´t let the fear of losing touch with HC or being denied internships or leadership opportunities prevent you from going abroad! If you have a spark of desire to go abroad, go for it!

Here is to an amazing last 2 weeks in Coruña!

¡Hasta luego!

P.S. Congrats class of 2011 on graduation!!

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